This Breakthrough LED Safety Flare Keeps
You And Your Family Safe On The Road…
And Protected In Virtually ANY Emergency Situation
Where There’s Limited Availabil
Hi, I’m Sergeant Tom Wilder of the San Diego Sheriff’s department, and I’m here today
to talk about what I believe is the biggest invisible​safety threat that the general public is
almost completely unaware of: Roadside accidents.
You see, over the course of my 32 year career, I’ve seen a lot of motor accidents. In
fact, I’m usually first on scene.

What Most People Don’t Know Is That
A Disproportionate Percentage
Of Motor Accidents Occur Roadside…

. ..or when one car is already pulled over.
Not only are these kinds of accidents much more common than you think – they have a
much higher fatality rate than any other type of motor accident.
And that’s why I’m talking to you right now… to help build awareness about this hidden
safety threat - a threat that for whatever reason is rarely reported on by mainstream
media - and to talk about the very best way to avoid such a preventable tragedy:

In Fact, Haylo Is The Most Battle Tested
LED Safety Flare On The Planet...

A Must-Have For Every New Driver

Environmentally Safe Bright LEDs

Small, Simple, & Convenient

No Dangerous Poisons or Chemicals

More Than 50,000 hrs of light

Give distracted drivers multiple alerts to slow down

Protect children in the car as you change a flat tire

However, Haylo Safety Flare Is 100% SAFE...

And unlike cheap, Chinese, knock off LED safety Flares (like the ones you see on
Amazon) ...
American​engineers specifically designed Haylo Safety Flare for highway patrol…To keep stranded drivers safe until help arrives.And that’s why Haylo is practically unbreakable.In fact, you could run over it with your truck…

Excellent quality product, I purchased them after seeing them used by our Fire Department...

These will replace road flares. They really get attention with no messy residue. Well built and quality through out. I have equipped all of my vehicles with them.

Valerie M.

Newark, NJ

We have to direct traffic quickly at times. These flares are perfect for my teams at night.

Pam Striker

Supervising EMS Officer

Why Are Haylo Safety Flares The Emergency light I Should Keep in My Car?  

The Problem

Driving isn’t like it used to be when people paid attention to what was happening around them.

Now drivers are constantly distracted. It seems like every day the news reports another roadside accident that makes you clench when you see a car slam into another car pulled over on the shoulder.

If you are in an emergency,
seconds count.


HAYLO® Safety Flare - The safe replacement for strike flares . The strike flare, also known as fused, has been a fixture at accident scenes, lane closures and DUI checkpoints for decades. So it may surprise you to learn that these "safety items" really aren't safe at all. In fact, they are toxic and extremely dangerous. We hear it all the time - emergency personnel are sick and tired of being burned by strike flares.

Where Can I Get This?

Due to overwhelming demand, inventory has been difficult to maintain. As of today there is a limited supply of Haylo® Safety Flares. Click the Button below to find out if they are still available.

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